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Huffington Post crafted a great list of fashion DOs and DON’Ts for 2014. I agree with most of their suggestions, but there are a few trends that should not be scrapped completely.

Stiletto Nails:


For the most part this trend should be burned, but in some cases it is flawlessly eerie. If you are not going for a goth or punk rock style, then do not wear these nails AT ALL. Painted in black and deep reds this is an artsy choice, but in pink and glitter they are just dated acrylics.

Bubblegum Pink Lipstick and Hair bows:

bubblegum pink bow

It seems Huff Post wants all women to stray away from their girlish pasts by putting these two things in the drop list. Bubblegum pink lipstick is not only a fun color, but also a great one to blend with browns and purples. Hair bows can be a darling touch for the preppy look or a quirky statement piece. These items are girly girl essentials and while they should not be a part of day to day wear, they are sometimes the perfect addition to an outfit. After all, girls just wanna’ have fun.