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This past Sunday I received a set of professional nail art tools from CULT Cosmetics. After trying out a couple of the brushes for the first time I realized that I should probably take it slow, and decided to focus my efforts on dotting exclusively.

First attempt:DSC00179

Three Colors –  BONEYARDS, HIGH STRUNG (similar/lime green), and AMETHYST.

Tools: DSC00185

Love the color scheme, but the three dots on my middle finger look clumped together like eyelashes after using old mascara. Paying closer attention to my set I came to the conclusion that each wand has two different balls at its end to best maximize space and look the most appealing to the eye when used together. With that in mind I used one wand, the one on the right, for my next mani.

Other end of wand:DSC00187

Second attempt:DSC00193

Two Colors, both from CULT’s America’s Sweetheart Collection – LOS FELIZ (wine/burgundy) and HOLLYWOOD HILLS (blush).

I’m going to have to try the polk-a-dot accent finger again, because it’s still not quite right, but the colors are adorable!