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Sometimes you can tell that the pair of neon psychedelic pants just aren’t for you, but there are other times when you glance at a hot pink blazer with meek curiosity.

Instead of people going to dressing room or taking something off the hanger, they do this:

1.  Grab said blazer or *insert any piece of clothing that has sparked your interest lately.
2.  Gaze longingly at the garment.
3.  Place it back on the rack.
4.  Walk away in a zig zag formation as if they are gaining a 360 degree view.
5.  Return to raise it to their face as if it’s a new living organism.
6.  Question themselves and everyone around them for their opinion.
7.  Leave.

After this long and unnecessary dance you walk out of the store without a fabulous pink blazer, not because it doesn’t quite fit right or anything like that, but because you weren’t able to come to a conclusion. If this sounds like you in any shape or form, stop it! You are only bringing attention to a potential showstopper piece to every single customer. And, you still don’t know whether or not you like the blazer.


What’s the worse that can happen? You stand in the line for the dressing room to find out that you don’t like blazers without buttons. Don’t miss out on another great addition to your wardrobe, who knows you could be snagging the last one in the store.