Tip of the Month: Try It On


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Sometimes you can tell that the pair of neon psychedelic pants just aren’t for you, but there are other times when you glance at a hot pink blazer with meek curiosity.

Instead of people going to dressing room or taking something off the hanger, they do this:

1.  Grab said blazer or *insert any piece of clothing that has sparked your interest lately.
2.  Gaze longingly at the garment.
3.  Place it back on the rack.
4.  Walk away in a zig zag formation as if they are gaining a 360 degree view.
5.  Return to raise it to their face as if it’s a new living organism.
6.  Question themselves and everyone around them for their opinion.
7.  Leave.

After this long and unnecessary dance you walk out of the store without a fabulous pink blazer, not because it doesn’t quite fit right or anything like that, but because you weren’t able to come to a conclusion. If this sounds like you in any shape or form, stop it! You are only bringing attention to a potential showstopper piece to every single customer. And, you still don’t know whether or not you like the blazer.


What’s the worse that can happen? You stand in the line for the dressing room to find out that you don’t like blazers without buttons. Don’t miss out on another great addition to your wardrobe, who knows you could be snagging the last one in the store.


Dot Heaven


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This past Sunday I received a set of professional nail art tools from CULT Cosmetics. After trying out a couple of the brushes for the first time I realized that I should probably take it slow, and decided to focus my efforts on dotting exclusively.

First attempt:DSC00179

Three Colors –  BONEYARDS, HIGH STRUNG (similar/lime green), and AMETHYST.

Tools: DSC00185

Love the color scheme, but the three dots on my middle finger look clumped together like eyelashes after using old mascara. Paying closer attention to my set I came to the conclusion that each wand has two different balls at its end to best maximize space and look the most appealing to the eye when used together. With that in mind I used one wand, the one on the right, for my next mani.

Other end of wand:DSC00187

Second attempt:DSC00193

Two Colors, both from CULT’s America’s Sweetheart Collection – LOS FELIZ (wine/burgundy) and HOLLYWOOD HILLS (blush).

I’m going to have to try the polk-a-dot accent finger again, because it’s still not quite right, but the colors are adorable!

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream


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Today we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is my favorite photo of Dr. King, him shaking hands with Malcolm X. King’s legacy does not begin with him, nor does it end with him and that is what makes his memory so beautiful. He led with a team and family following him and continues to inspire people around the world to change the world by accessing people’s heart.


Chasing Pinterest Nail Art Dreams


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If you have a Pinterest account or have come across a Buzzfeed article on Pinterest failures then you know this site is not only capable of sucking away any free time you have, but also filling your head with ideas. From DIY projects with mason jars to extravagant cake designs, this place literally has everything!

Another afternoon rolled by of me pinning countless photos of people with fabulous nail art, but this time I grew quite jealous of my inability to create city landscapes on my fingernails. Instead of being discouraged I went on Google and searched for tutorials, deals, tools, whatever I could find that would at least help me make stripes.

That’s when I found CULT and all of my dreams became a click away! 3 polishes and a set of dotting tools (I would finally be able to make polk-a-dots and hearts), for a penny! Then 30% off of a 15 Piece Professional Nail Brush Kit by MASH. All together no more than $15. Keep in mind that I received this deal by signing up for their monthly Blackbox and adding one of their promotional codes, without the code the box costs $20, similar to the Julep Maven Box.


Great carrying case, easy to fold with snap buttons:DSC00125

Packed with care:DSC00138


Though I was impressed by how accurate the polishes were to the pictures on the website, I wasn’t wowed by their selection. For that reason I won’t be continuing my subscription with them, but I will stay on their mailing just in case they have some interesting colors in stock.  

Nails for the week: DSC00160